What To Know About Vintage Rugs

Vintage and antique rugs are handmade and therefore irregular. This is part of the beauty of these unique one-of-a-kind pieces! If you have any questions regarding a particular rug, you are always welcome to email us and ask before purchasing. We're here to help!

Below are some things you could possibly encounter with your rug. 

Your rug may not be perfectly square or rectangle. Some rugs get slightly thinner or wider throughout the rug. The measurements given are always taken from the widest and longest points.

Your rug may have had repairs made to it due to their age and wear.

Your rug may have signs of wear including but not limited to worn down areas, stains, fraying, small tears or holes etc.

Your rug may appear slightly brighter looking at it from one side than the other. This is common especially with Persian rugs, and it's also why we always photograph our rugs from both sides! We recommend laying out your rug in its new space, and then flipping it 180 degrees and looking at it again to see which direction you like more. 

Depending on the placement of your rug and the lighting sources of the room it's in, it may appear slightly different in person than the pictures on our website. We photograph the rugs indoors in good, soft natural light to try and give you the most accurate portrayal of the colors as possible. But if your room has mostly or all canned/warm light in it, that will typically make the rug look more warm or yellow in person. At times we will edit photos slightly to adjust for pictures that come out either too shadowy or overly exposed. Any edits made will be subtle and will not be made to enhance or change the colors of the rug, only portray them more accurately. Professionally staged photos are photographed by our professional photographer and are always edited slightly as well. Refer to the stock photos for the most accurate depiction of color.

The brightness level of the screen you are viewing the rug listings on can significantly change how bright the rug is appearing to you on your device. 

For spills and or stains, treat immediately with water and a natural soap or rug shampoo. Do not use a product containing oxy. Simply foam up the soap and wipe with a sponge or rinse with water. 

Your rug may have a little bit of a faint "old rug" smell due to its age. If there is a smell it typically this fades and is not noticed when placed in a room. Also fresh air and sunlight help to remove odors. Laying a rug out on a balcony over a railing for a couple days can do wonders.

Rug pads are recommended for thin rugs to keep them in place. They are also recommended for rugs that don't lay perfect flat to help them better adhere to the floor, as some rugs may bubble a little in some spots. 

If using a rug in a bathroom, we recommend wiping your feet with your towel before stepping out onto the rug to avoid soaking it. You don't want to trap a large amount of water underneath the rug and not allow it to dry.