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Sheepskin no. 2

Sheepskin no. 2
Sheepskin no. 2

Our small batch, ethical, and fair trade collection of Sheepskins come to us all the way from the Ossetian mountains in Russia. The sheep are free range and raised by small scale, organic farmers. After a long life roaming the hillside their meat is sold at market, leaving the pelts behind. It's an ancient ritual that's deep rooted in their culture, no part of the animal is wasted. 

  • No harsh chemicals are used in either the tanning or cleaning process. Instead the farmers use the animal's own fat for these steps, which is both natural and organic.
  • Rare Gotland breed
  • Unlike mass farmed sheepskins you're likely to find at large retailers, each sheep is unique and celebrated for its natural, imperfect and beautiful state. 
  • Measurements are taken from the widest and longest points of the sheepskin.

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